I believe that ongoing learning is central to being an effective psychologist, but also feeling happy and rewarded in the profession. Learning is supported by high quality records and reflections, so I build tools to support psychologists to better capture their learning experiences.

The Continuing Professional Development Workbook is a companion for Australian psychologists to assist them in meeting the professional development requirements outlined by the Psychology Board.

Designed by psychologists, the workbook guides psychologists through the process of creating a comprehensive professional development record by combining an outline of the requirements, a guided learning plan, professional development record, and space to tally and reflect on your learning activities during the year.

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Workbook Sections

  1. 1.Summarises current Psychology Board Requirements for continuing professional development (CPD), clarifying the number of hours and types of CPD that must be completed, as well as how that CPD is to be recorded.
  2. 2.Guides psychologists through the process of creating a Learning Plan, which is a critical component of the new CPD requirements.
  3. 3.Contains a Professional Development Record which enables psychologists to log their CPD activities during the year.
  4. 4.Tally and Reflections: contains a tally table to add up CPD hours for the year as well as a series of questions to guide psychologists through the process of reflecting on the activities of the year.


  • Convenient
    The workbook addresses all of the Psychology Board's continuing professional development requirements, including the Learning Plan and Professional Development Records, in one package. The notepad format is ideal as a standalone CPD record or as a companion to online recording systems.
  • Portable
    Lightweight and sturdy, the workbook makes for a highly portable companion to take with you to peer supervision, workshops and conferences.
  • Elegant
    Professionally designed and printed, the workbook is both a practical and elegant solution for recording your professional development.
  • Affordable
    At only $15 for the "Print Yourself" version or $25 (including postage) for the professionally printed version, it is a small price to pay for keeping your professional development well organized.


"This work book is very contagious. When I initially took it to supervision it caused a lot of interest, and every psychologist in the room wanted one. Organising our CPD points and being able to reference a developmental path through our many hours of supervision is made possible by this book. Great reference resource. Now when I look around the room all my colleagues have their own CPD work book. As they are filling up, I expect to see another rash of them around the room shortly!"

"My biggest challenge with the requirement for a journal entry for each PD activity, is that it's so easy not to get around to it. I know I'm not the only one that this applies to. Another challenge is that notes from PD activities disappear under a pile of stuff on my desk, later requiring that time is spent finding & ordering them. Again, this has been known to happen to others. So for these reasons, I find the PHF's CPD workbook very useful: all the notes are kept in the one book and the journal entry is frequently completed (or close to) before I leave the venue. Decades ago, when the ABC began its program, The Inventors, a dame called Diana regularly asked, "Does it come in different colours?" No need! The pillar box red on the cover stands out even on my desk."

"I found the CPD workbook very useful in organising a range of diverse information...in fact I'd love to order another!"

See full workbook
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Purchasing Options

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    Print Yourself

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    Formatted PDF that is designed to be printed double sided and coil, wire or comb bound.
    Purchasers are welcome to re-use the PDF year after year, assuming Psychology Board requirements do not change.

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    Professionally Printed

    Currently unavailable

    Wire bound workbook with tabbed sections and protective cover.
    We've taken care of the printing for you, so you can just start using the workbook.

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